Acrylic signs are a very popular for office lobby signs. One reason for that is most customers are not aware that there are other options available for office wall signs. While others like the glossy look of the acrylic.

In this blog, we will discuss the different styles of acrylic signage.

3d letters on Acrylic

We can create custom logo and letters and paint them custom colors. These can be applied to clear, frosted or colored acrylic depending upon the logo colors. The acrylic panel is installed with brushed aluminum stand offs. This style of sign is very easy to move to a new location, that is why it is preferred by a lot of small businesses. Here are some sample pictures of acrylic signs with custom logo and letters.

acrylic signs

acrylic lobby signs

acrylic signs

acrylic signs for construction company

Vinyl graphics on Acrylic

Some businesses do not have the budget for custom 3d letters and logo for their sign. They have the option of vinyl graphics on acrylic. They can still have custom logo and colors, as we can digitally print and die cut the vinyl graphics. The is the most inexpensive form of office wall signs. Here are some pictures for acrylic office signs with vinyl graphics.

acrylic signs

acrylic signs

acrylic signs

acrylic signs

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