What are monument signs? Monument signs are stone or stucco textured free standing signs at the entrance of shopping malls, retail plaza, housing associations, churches, hospitals,schools. The monument signs can list just the name and address for the property or it can be multi tenant. Very few people know these are called monument signs, we get all kinds of names and variations for these signs - entrance signs, stone signs, brick signs, tenant signs etc.

How much does the sign cost?

The cost of the monument sign is based on a number of factors:

  • Overall size
  • Single Sided / Double sided
  • Illuminated / Non-illuminated
  • Text in vinyl or dimensional letters
  • Shape 
Because of the different options for a monument sign there is no limit to the cost, but it would be fair to say that the starting point for a very basic monument sign would be atleast $2500. You don't want to get a sign that is too small, because that would defeat the purpose of having a sign at all. Minimum recommended size for visibility is 3' x 5'. There should be enough space to install the sign as well. Monument signs cannot be installed too close to the curb/sidewalk.
Here are some pictures/samples for different monument signs by San Jose Signs
Church monument sign monument sign BrysonBurnsConstruction resized 600 
 Custom monument Fremont resized 600  changeable letter monument sign
Here you can see that monument signs can be very basic (Westcore Properties) to something with a lot more curves(Father's House International).
We design, fabricate and install monument signs.
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