One of the most common signs are vinyl window signs (or window graphics). Though relatively
inexpensive, they are very effective by showcasing your most popular brands, products or
services. Because most store front windows are at eye level, it is a very easy to promote
your business using custom window graphics, whether you choose simple die-cut single color
vinyl or full color prints.

Branding your store-front with your logo and graphic elements help your customer to
recognize your business in the future, but more important is ‘what you do’, not ‘who you are’. We always recommend sales promotions and listing of services, using full color photos to get the attention you require.

MATERIAL CHOICES -Window wraps and vinyl window signs

At San Jose Signs, we offer a variety of materials for your window decals. We can provide full color digitally printed graphics on matte or gloss vinyl, or perforated vinyl. Many window ‘wraps are printed on perforated see-thru vinyl, which allows you to see out and keeps the room cooler. Perforated vinyl has a black backer which aids in the ability to see outside clearly. Perforated material varies from 30% to 50% perforation. 

For more information or if you have any questions, contact us, we are always available to answer your questions and assist you with your project.

Custom window wrap sunnyvaleCustom window graphics for warehouse winodws


If full window wraps is above your budget, you can still have vinyl window signs. We can do a mix of photos and text. Here is an example of custom window graphics without full coverage.


So there are different ways window graphics can be done. It will depend on the look you prefer and your budget. 


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