Wall mural is a great way of dressing up your blank office walls. The wall graphics can be customized based on your needs. And you can either go for large prints of wall graphics or full coverage wall wraps.

Vinyl wall murals can either be your company logo, mission statement or graphics related to your industry and product. The material used for wallpaper murals comes with an adhesive back, so there is no need to use messy wallpaper glue. We also carry removable and repositionable wall vinyl. The repositionable vinyl is not recommended for wall to wall large wall murals, because it will be very difficult to handle large panels of wall vinyl to move to a different location. But it definitely makes the wallpaper removal very easy. You can just peel and discard the vinyl and not worry about damaging the paint.

Here are some images for different kinds of office wall murals

For fitness center


wall mural

For video game company

wall mural

Partial wall graphic for restaurant

wall graphics

Vinyl decal with company logo

Vinyl wall decal

Wall wraps for school

Custom Wall Mural


Large wall wraps for auto dealership

Partial wall graphics for Toyota

Wall mural Toyota


So as you can see there are lots of different options for office wall murals- full wall wraps to partial wall graphics. Contact us today to discuss your custom wallpaper murals. We can help with the design, print and install.


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