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Los Gatos Acrylic Signs


If you want a sophisticated, modern look for your business, you won’t go wrong with acrylic signs. They are great alternatives to traditional, heavier, and more expensive glass signs due to their colorless, transparent, and durable design.

lighted indoor lobby signWith San Jose Signs, you can have customized and high-quality Los Gatos, CA acrylic signs that will truly establish your brand. For any identity or aesthetic you want to pull off, we have amazing options that you will love! These include acrylic menu boards, room IDs, wayfinding signs, product displays, directional signs, POP signs, hanging signs, lobby signs, and a lot more!

Versatility in design is one of the best characteristics of acrylic signs. While this trait is a huge advantage for businesses that want to specify their brand, the wide selection for acrylic types can also make it a challenge to pick which specifications most effectively work with the desired look.

But don’t worry, San Jose Signs is a comprehensive, all-around signage company that can help you decide on the best signage features for your business. We’ll provide expert recommendations for your business signage, ultimately finding the best solutions for your goals. For all your Los Gatos acrylic sign needs, you should call San Jose Signs!

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Variety of Acrylic Sign Options

Different types of acrylic signs provide different functions as well as characteristics. Some are more durable and long-lasting than others, while some are more attractive than the rest. It basically depends on your preferences.

indoor lobby signs

To maximize your chosen Los Gatos acrylic signs’ capacity, it’s important to identify first the printing method you want for your sign—standard surface printing or subsurface printing. San Jose Signs has the resources and expertise to do both.

In standard surface printing, the design is printed on the acrylic’s front side, giving the sign a matte finish and a thicker texture. This printing method is ideal for those who want a more straightforward sign instead of the typical transparent acrylic.

On the other hand, subsurface or second surface printing involves printing the design on the clear acrylic layer’s backside, allowing a glossy finish and a sense of depth to your sign. This printing method allows more protection for the printed layer, given its glass-framed appearance and structure.

Clear and Frosted Signs

One of the biggest sources of an acrylic sign’s appeal is its opacity or transparency. At San Jose Signs, we provide clear and frosted options for our Los Gatos acrylic signs that you can choose from to provide a greater customization level.

custom frosted acrylic signs

Get the classic corporate and formal look for your business facilities with clear acrylic signs. We offer signs with hundred-percent transparency, a clear glass look, and a glossy finish. You can also add a three-dimensional look by applying a background color on the backside of the acrylic.

Clear acrylic signs give you a lighter, more affordable alternative to glass-based signs without the high risk of shattering. On the other hand, frosted acrylic signs have a translucent, matte look. They diffuse harsh light, reduce glare, and provide a little sense of privacy. Adding an electronic light source to your frosted acrylic adds a great highlight look to your sign. Get this type of sign for a truly unique, sophisticated look for your business.

Indoor or Outdoor Signs

custom acrylic dimensional lettersWith San Jose Signs, your Los Gatos acrylic signs can be effective both for outdoor and indoor usage. Choose among a variety of styles, sizes, and shapes to make your acrylic signs perfect for office lobbies, hospital and clinic walls, doors, restaurant counters, supermarket aisles, and many more places. Acrylic signs, when used indoors, have more tendency to last longer than their typical lifespan.

Even if they don’t last as long when kept indoors, acrylic signs are proven to be just as amazing for outdoor use. They can effectively capture the attention of potential customers and passersby toward your business’s sophisticated, corporate look. Use them for many different functions, such as entrance signs, dimensional letters, wall signs, cabinet signs, and even illuminated signs.

Full-Service Sign Company

custom indoor acrylic signsSan Jose Signs is a leading Los Gatos sign company, and we are well-equipped to create, design, and install highly-customized acrylic signs using only the industry’s best resources and manpower.

We create our acrylic signs with the best shatter-resistant polymer printed with premium UV ink. These products are handled and installed by our team of highly-trained and seasoned signage specialists. We even have an elite team of graphic designers to help our customers create the best designs for their acrylic signs. Have a professional signage company by your side from the design and planning until the installation and finishing phases with San Jose Signs.

Free Acrylic Sign Consultation

San Jose Signs company logoAre you looking for a reliable, tried-and-tested signage company to help you obtain your Los Gatos acrylic signs? San Jose Signs is all you need. We are dedicated to helping you create and install the perfect acrylic signs that will boost your business brand, information dissemination, and general aesthetic.

With San Jose Signs, expect to get the best out of the signage industry, with our years of knowledge and experience as well as our state-of-the-art resources and seasoned specialists to handle them. We can’t wait to work with you!

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