11 Different kinds of dimensional letters for your office wall

11 Different kinds of dimensional letters for your office wall

Dimensional lettering on your lobby wall can make a big difference on the first impression of your company. There are a wide variety of material options available. But some just work better with some logos. At San Jose Signs, we can help you pick the best option for your sign based on your budget. Lobby signs can  be done in many different ways and we want to choose the best for you.

Here are some ideas for dimensional letters and logos for your custom wall signs.

This a custom wall sign for Tavant Technologies in Santa Clara- with 1″thick gatorfoam letters and back painted acrylic on the face. The logo is pvc with brushed aluminum panel and white stripes in vinyl.

Wall signage for Faraday – Painted PVC letters and logo mounted to a white acrylic panel and brushed aluminum standoffs to mount the panel to the wall.

Dimensional letters for interior wall for Uniquify in Santa Clara -Painted acrylic letters directly mounted to the wall. We can paint the acrylic on the face(gives a satin finish to the sign) or back paint (gives a more shiny/glossy finish).

Wall signage for Direct Mortgage Funding  –Painted PVC letters and logo mounted to frosted acrylic. Acrylic installed with brushed aluminum stand offs.

Wall signs for dentist office :Dual layer sign- Black acrylic with clear acrylic in the back to create the effect of glass behind the letters. The letters have been mounted with spacers to create a dimensional effect.

Back lit lobby sign. The channel letters are reverse fabricated to create the halo effect.

Metal sign letters -PVC letters with brushed aluminum laminate. This is a cost effective option if you do not want to spend on metal letters but like the metal finish for your sign.

Metal Sign:Painted PVC letters and logo mounted on a panel with brushed aluminum finish.
Medical office signs– Painted PVC letters mounted with double sided tape to the wall

Hotel lobby sign – Brushed aluminum letters stud mounted to the wall

Plexiglass sign : Full color vinyl graphics applied to clear acrylic and mounted with brushed aluminum stand offs.

So you can see that there a lot of different ways for lobby signs. Let us know the look and style you prefer and we will provide you an estimate.