6 Types Of Outdoor Church Signs | Bay Area

outdoor church signs

6 Types Of Outdoor Church Signs | Bay Area

A church also needs different kinds of signs just like any other business. In this post we discuss different types of outdoor church signs.

A frames– The sandwich boards are perfect to display the service times and guide people towards the church. They can be easily placed at various traffic signals near the church. The a-frames can be used over and over again and provide great value to the church.


Window decals– Full color window decals with logo and church hours can be applied to glass window or door. We can also do window stickers in white.


Church monument signs – Monument signs can be single sided or double sided,  with lights or without lights. The graphics can be in vinyl or raised letters. Here is a picture of a single sided monument sign installed at an angle and the graphics in vinyl. The sign is fabricated from aluminum. Base has a texture coat and the top is custom painted to match the church colors.


Pull up bannerstands– These banners are easy to store and can be easily set up during service times. The banner rolls into the base for storage and comes with a carry bag.


Post and Panel signs- Some churches prefer this type of sign instead of monument sign. This works great if there are other tenants also that share the same building with the church. The tenant names can be easily changed. Post and panel signs can be single sided or double sided.


Building signs– There are a lot of options for church signage for their building. The type of sign will depend on the budget of the church and the kind of space available for the sign. Here is a picture for a building sign for Orchard Community Church in Campbell. The panel is from aluminum painted to match the building colors. The logo and name are in 1/2″ thick PVC painted custom colors.

So there are lot of different options for signage for churches. Here at San Jose Signs, we can help you choose the right kind of sign for you.