7 Great Ideas For Medical Office Signs

7 Great Ideas For Medical Office Signs

Presenting information to potential customers is extremely important, but you need to do it in a mindful and tactful way. You want to offer up information in ways that is easy to read, but does not become overbearing. To do this, one of the very best options is to utilize office signs. Even though a client is inside of your office, it does not mean you still can’t showcase what you do best and the services you provide. There are six great ways for utilizing medical office signs for your practice. You just need to look over the different options and determine what is going to be best not only for you but for your office setting and the clients you see.

Acrylic Letters and Logo

Acrylic letters is a nice and effective way to place signs around the office. These materials allow you to make light and easy to hang signs you can place just about anywhere. This way, if you have a small office waiting room, a hallway leading up to the examination room or just a small desk space you want to present helpful information, you can do this with the acrylic letters and logo on the office signs. Best of all, if you ever want to alter the way the office looks or move to an entirely new location with a larger office, the acrylic letters and logo are some of the easiest signs to move.
Medical Office Signs

Custom PVC Letters and Logo

This is a good material choice for medical office lobby signs. It is lighter than acrylic and can be mounted with double sided tape, and no drilling is required. The PVC signs are custom fabricated and we can match the custom colors in your logo.

Metal Letters and Logos

Metal Letters are great for standing out. If you place this sign on the exterior of the building it looks great in any weather and you can also put smaller logos and signs on the interior of the building as well. The metal costs a bit more than the other options but it is extremely durable and gives you an exceptional look that you just are not going to receive with any other kind of sign. We also offer PVC signs with aluminum laminate as an alternative to metal signs. They cost less than metal and look very similar to metal letters. We offer brushed and polished finish in aluminum, gold and copper.

Channel Letters

Channel letters are nice for placing on the exterior  of your building. A good number of signs are channel letters, due to the ability to light up at night. Channel letters are made with LED’s which are more durable and have a lower electric usage compared to neon signs used in the past. They help draw attention to your office during dusk and nighttime hours


Box Signs

These are cabinets installed on the building fascia. They cost less than the channel letters. However, more and more properties are shying away from these kind of signs and want the tenants to go for channel letters. Sometimes, the box is already there and you only need to replace.


Monument Signs

Do you have a bricked out area in front of your building that patients drive past? Monument signs are great as entrance signs,  to attract driving by traffic. They are fabricated from aluminum or HDU and custom painted. We can even give them stucco texture.

Window Graphics

Lastly, you can use window graphics for your office. This is nice for informing foot traffic of your medical practice. For most medical offices, the window graphics lists the name of the practice, name of doctors, phone number, and hours of operation. We can also do custom full color die cut logos for window graphics.