8 Types Of Custom Outdoor Signs | South Bay Area

8 Types Of Custom Outdoor Signs | South Bay Area

Outdoor signs can be temporary or permanent. Temporary signs are typically used to announce promotions and specials going on or to direct the customers to your location. Here is a list of outdoor signs:

Outdoor Vinyl Banners : Banners can be used indoors and outdoors. Nowadays, vinyl banner material is much stronger and same material can be used indoors and outdoors. The pricing for the banner is no longer dependent on the number of colors used. Digitally printed banners allow for full color logos and pictures, without affecting the cost. The pricing for the banners is based on the size. If you are planning to put your banner on the fence, mesh banner is recommended to allow for wind to get through. This gives the banner longer life. If the banner will be hung against the building, a regular vinyl banner will work. Street banners should be done in heavier stock because they are exposed to stronger winds.


Sidewalk signs – Also known as tent signs, a-frames, sandwich boards. These are perfect for displaying on the sidewalk and guiding customers to the business. The a-frames are available in different sizes 24″ x 36″, 18″ x 24″, 12″ x18″. The a-frames can be customized with messages and logo. These signs are portable and can be easily moved around.


Monument Signs – Monument signs are placed at the entrance of shopping malls, HOA’s, church and other businesses. Monument signs can be illuminated or non-illuminated, single sided or double sided, list only 1 company/business or multiple tenants. The size is determined based on what is allowed by the city for the business location. Majority of the monument signs are either constructed from aluminum or high density urethane foam, and given faux concrete and brick texture.


Building Signs – Building signs include a long list of signs – neons signs, cabinet signs, channel letters, metal letters, foam letters. They can include logo as well as company name. Channel letters are lit individual letters. The kind of building sign selected is based on either the landord criteria or the customer’s preference.


Blade signs – Blade signs are also known as projecting signs. These can also be illuminated and non-illuminated. They can have logo and company name and can be done in custom shapes as well. Some property management companies do not allow blade signs so it is always best to check with your landlord before ordering a blade sign.


Directional Signs – Directional signs are used to direct vehicles and customers to your location. They can look like monument signs or directories. The directories list the business name and the suite numbers.



Window Graphics – Window graphics can be one as window decals or fully cover the windows. If you have large windows at your business, you can use them as billboards to advertise your company and its products an services. The full color window graphics gives the flexibility of using graphics and text for advertising.


Construction site signs – These signs are displayed at construction site by the construction companies to advertise that their company is working on the project. These signs are made out of 1/2″ thick MDO panels.