Acrylic Signs For Office | Bay Area

Acrylic Signs For Office | Bay Area

Acrylic signs are very popular for interior lobby signs. There are lots of different ways acrylic can be used for your office signage.

Here is a list of different types of acrylic signs:

Acrylic Letters : Acrylic letters can be custom painted based on your logo. They can be painted on the surface or in the back. Paint on the surface gives them a matte look and painting sub surface provides a glossy finish to the signs.  Acrylic can be 1/4″ or 1/2″ thick based on your preference. 1/4″ thick letters can be installed with double sided tape. But 1/2″ thick letters are heavy and should be installed with studs. Some like the logo raised off the wall. In that case, we can add spacers to stud mounted letters.

Here are photos of face painted and back painted acrylic letters.

Front painted acrylic sign. Logo painted and white vinyl applied for outline.

Sub surface painted acrylic sign


Acrylic Laminate– If you would like the lobby sign thicker than 1/2″, then foam letters with acrylic laminate work great. High density foam is painted custom color and back or surface painted 1/8″ acrylic is applied on the top. So you have thick letters without them being very heavy and can be installed with double sided  tape.

Here is a picture of foam letters with acrylic laminate on top. Logo is foam with brushed aluminum laminate and white vinyl

 Acrylic panel signs: Acrylic can also be used a panel for office lobby signs. This is a very popular option for acrylic signs for office, as this makes the signs portable and cost effective. The panel can be installed with decorative screws. The logo can be done either in vinyl( to keep the cost down) or pvc letters.

Here are some photos for signs with acrylic panel:

Frosted acrylic with PVC letters and logo

Vinyl text on clear acrylic panel


1/4″ thick pvc letters and logo on clear acrylic panel

So you can see that there are lot of different ways to use acrylic for your interior office wall signs. Just e-mail us a copy of your logo, approximate size for your sign and the kind of sign style you like. And we will provide you a cost estimate for your sign.