Channel Letters For Angelicas In Redwood City

Channel Letters For Angelicas In Redwood City

Angelicas is fine dining, bar and restaurant in Redwood City. They have won numerous Diners Choice Awards in 2014 for great brunch, outdoor dining and contemporary american cuisine. And Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence Winner for 2014.

Angelicas was updating the front for their restaurant and adding new signs, was part of the renovation. They wanted to add halo lit channel letters. Halo lit channel letters are also known as back lit channel letters, reverse lit channel letters. The letters reflect light from the back instead of the face.  Here is a picture for Reverse Lit Channel letters.



And here is a picture for the new and updated sign at Angelica. The customer was very happy with his new sign.

This picture was taken in bright day light, so you can see the shadows from the 3 d letters.

Next time when I am in Redwood City at night, I will upload a night time picture for the sign.

People still refer to channel letters as neon signs, even though neon is no longer used for illumination. All lit signs are with LEDs now.

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