Church Signs Upgrade For Beryessa Valley Church In San Jose

Church Signs Upgrade For Beryessa Valley Church In San Jose

Exterior signs are important for a church just like any other business. We recently had the opportunity to update the outdoor church signs for Beryessa Valley Church in San Jose.

Church Monument Sign

The entrance sign for the church was very old and depleted. It was a banner installed on wooden posts. The banner was beyond it’s life and was all tattered and torn. The church pastor contacted us to replace this sign with a better sign.

We proposed the design for the new monument sign keeping in mind their logo colors and style and they loved the design. This is a single sided monument sign fabricated from aluminum and painted custom color. The church logo and text are in vinyl.

The church was so happy with the result, that they have been our regular customer since then. We print custom holiday banners for the church.

We recently upgraded another exterior church sign.

This  banner was installed on PVC pipe frame and had been there for over 5 years. The church wanted to replace this with a more permanent and better looking sign. San Jose Signs,  fabricated a custom sign from aluminum with angle iron. The sign has vinyl graphics. According to the church pastor, the building was used for multiple church activities and always referred to as “the house”. So the church decided the text for the sign as “The house at BVC”.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing signs or looking for some new signs, call your church sign maker today.

Signage make a great impact on your visitors.