Directory Signs For Medical Office

Directory Signs For Medical Office

One of the popular medical office signs is directories. Most medical offices have different doctors as tenants. Building directory signs guide the visitors to the right suite. These signs can be indoor directories or outdoor directories.

Interior office directory signs

Interior directories are mostly installed on the wall near the entrance. When designing these signs, one should keep in mind that the tenant names have to be updated frequently. So it should be easy and cost effective to change names any time a tenant moves out or in. There are some pre- fabricated directories available or we can create custom directory signs.

Here are some examples of pre-fabricated directory signs. The curved frames come with anti-glare clear lenses and available in lots of sizes. You can use 1 frame or a combination of frames to create the directory. Image courtesy: Timely Signs.


This is a custom directory sign, designed using the customer’s branding colors. The size and the number of tenant names can be customized based on your needs.

Exterior office directory signs

These signs can be large monument signs or post and panel sign. The post panel sign is smaller in size, compared to the monument sign and costs less. The type of sign will depend on customer preference and budget.


Here is an example of directory signage as a post and panel sign. The customer did not have enough room to install a large monument sign and no illumination was needed. So the post and panel sign was the perfect solution. The tenant names are in vinyl and can be easily updated as needed.

This building directory signage was built as a monument sign. The sign is internally illuminated with LEDs and the header has push thru acrylic letters. The names are in vinyl and can be easily changed as needed.