Exterior Signage For Walk Rite | San Jose Ca

Exterior Signage For Walk Rite | San Jose Ca

Walk Rite has multiple locations in the bay area. And they recently changed the name from Foot Solutions to Walk Rite. This means the exterior signage at all the locations need to be updated.

The signage was different size and styles for each location. So as a first step we came up with a mock up for the all store locations with the new logo. As part of the updating the signage, we also had to take into account the signage requirements by the landlord and the city for each individual location.

Just like any other Channel letter project the intial process of proofs and decisons took much longer than the actual fabrication of the signs. The sign package included channel letters with LED’s, cabinet signs, vinyl graphics on the storefront.

After the approvals, from all the channels – owner, landlord, city finally we were able to proceed with the fabrication. And the end result was we had another satisfied customer.

Here is a picture from there West Gate location in San Jose