Halo-Lit Or Standard Channel Letters?

Halo-Lit Or Standard Channel Letters?

There are several styles of illuminated channel letter signs that can be manufactured and installed. Two of the most popular types are LED Halo-lit (reverse illuminated letters) and LED standard front-lit channel letters.

Halo lit channel letters are a great way to showcase your company by giving your sign a visual edge on the competition. The letters cast light on the wall behind the letters instead of the face of the letters. This style of channel letter is very popular. The letters are fabricated in a similar way to standard channel letters, except the faces must have a very clean edge, with no visible fasteners or welds – extending the fabrication process. The letters have an acrylic backer, and they stand-off from the wall so the light can spread over the wall, creating a “halo”. They cost a little more than standard letters but the results speak for themselves.

Standard illuminated channel letters are the most popular outdoor business sign. These signs are common and extremely effective in directing potential clients and customers to your location. Typically between 18″ and 24″ for retail locations, all types of channel letters are visually attractive and give customers the feeling of shopping at an established business.

If you have any questions, please give us a call to discuss your Halo lit letters or standard lit letters.