How Much Do Channel Letters Cost?

How Much Do Channel Letters Cost?

One of our most popular products are¬†illuminated channel letters. Because every sign is different, and every logo is different, it’s nearly impossible to provide a price quote immediately – without doing some research and investigation.

When we get an initial call from a prospective client, they always ask the same question, “how much will my sign cost”, not realizing there are many parts to assemble before quoting a sign, especially channel letters. The information that we require to provide quotes for channel letters are:

  • Landlord sign criteria (if available)
  • Conduct a survey of the building/space (photograph and measure)
  • Receive logo via email
  • Determine appropriate size based on provided criteria
  • Create rendering with sizes for our estimator

To assist in the process of determining proper size and style, we offer a $150 concept drawing package, showing a couple of different options, or a single concept, to get the project moving. After approval of the concept, we provide a quote for that project. If approved, we simply apply that $150 concept payment to the overall order.

Channel letters are the best way to attract potential clients to your location, and they give your company a very established appearance. Also, the same process applies for other business signs-monument signsand non-illuminated wall signs.

If you are interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to call¬†San Jose Signs!