How much does a Lobby sign cost?

How much does a Lobby sign cost?

We get a lot of request for Lobby signs-“I want to get a lobby sign for my business. How much will it cost?”

Well, lobby signs are not standard. They are not an item that we stock. Lobby signs are custom built based on various factors:

Budget: This is the key deciding factor inwhat kind of materials should be used for the sign. Same lobby sign can be built in lots of different ways using different materials.

Size: The size of the sign depends on the space available and to a certain extent on the budget of the customer.

Materials: Materials for building the lobby sign are chosed based on the budget and what will work best based on the shape and the colors of the logo.

Mounting: Again the deciding factor is the budget. It is more labor intensive to mount individual letters than a panel which has the dimensional letters mounted to it.

So as we can see the main deciding factor in the cost of the lobby sign is the budget. If the customers let us know before hand what kind of budget they have for the sign, it shortens the process. We can put together a great looking sign for every budget by  using a combination of different materials.

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