How much will my signs cost?

How much will my signs cost?

As a custom sign manufacturer, we receive many calls from potential clients asking how much a sign will cost. The unfortunate circumstance is there are too many variables involved to immediately provide our customers with a quick price over the phone.

Some products can be quoted immediately, A-frames, stock items, and banners, but custom signs such as post and panel directional signs, illuminated channel letters, dimensional lobby signs and monument signs, require some effort in order to provide accurate pricing.

In some cases, it is required to visit a site or location in order to obtain measurements, photographs and to discuss options with a client on-site. As a sign designer for over 24 years, I have learned that even the simplest survey can become a distaster if information gathered is not completely accurate. Photographs and measurements are critical to the estimating process, as we cannot determine scale and elevations based on a guess.

We primarily use square feet, estimated labor time and installation time to provide the most accurate price quote. At San Jose Signs, we are thorough with the surveys and we provide accurate price quotes the first time. Also, many buildings and landlords have tenant sign criteria, which must be followed before considering a sign order.

A good check list to refer to when ordering a sign:

  • Type of sign
  • Size of sign
  • Sign criteria provided by landlord
  • Illuminated or non-illuminated?
  • Height from grade / ground
  • Location of sign
  • Interior or exterior signage
  • Required equipment for installation
  • Budget

Many customers request a “best guess”. We try to avoid providing best guess prices, but in some cases we do, mostly just to alert a client of the probable costs involved. Vehicle wrap callers are famous for the “best guess”, but we do our best to instruct and to educate the client before we even begin laboring of a price quote.

We will always provide estimates free of charge.