Illuminated Lobby Sign | Custom Fabrication

Illuminated Lobby Sign | Custom Fabrication

San Jose Signs manufactures and installs internally illuminated lobby signs for the Silicon Valley! Our high-tech signs use the latest in electrical illumination, LED’s and power supplies – to give your logo or name the spark it needs!

Recently we fabricated an internally illuminated cabinet sign for a company named ‘Cover’. They requested a sign that had illumination, but they also requested the black face to have an engraved / routed appearance, with a white logo reveal. We designed the product based on their request and the end result was amazing.

The cabinet design had to have a slim profile, approximately 3 inches in depth, just enough to have the white LED’s lighting diffuse properly around the interior of the cabinet. The main issue was to hide the cabinet behind the face, giving the face a ‘floating’ effect from the wall. This meant the acrylic face had to ‘overlap’ the cabinet edge by at least an inch. This was accomplished by using angle iron to anchor the face to the cabinet with no reveal or mounting exposed.

Since the logo had to maintain it’s white letters and icon, we routed the face all the way through the 1/4″ thick black acrylic, then using acrylic cement we mounted the black to a translucent white acrylic panel that was cut the exact size of the cabinet opening so the white would sit inside the cabinet, leaving the black part to overhang outside of the cabinet edge.


We included an on/off rocker switch on the side and we had the main power cord go through the back. The result was amazing and our client was extremely happy with the result!

What is your idea for your lobby sign? Call today to discuss your concept and we’ll provide you with a free quote, and if needed, we’ll stop by your location to survey your potential sign area.