Interior Wayfinding Signage in the Bay Area

Interior Wayfinding Signage in the Bay Area

Wayfinding Signage is a critical part of any commercial space. They play an important part in guiding people to the right department or level. Wayfinding signs are important to keep the traffic moving.

They should be easy to understand and follow. Wayfinding signs are important in a variety of locations-airports, schools, multi-tenant buildings, colleges, universities, hospitals, parking facilities. These signs can be either interior or exterior.

San Jose Signs has done wayfinding signs at car dealerships like Honda, Lexus,Toyota. These signs were used to guide the customers to the cashier, parts and accessories department, refreshments, restrooms. The graphics for these wayfinding signs were custom created keeping in mind the colors used for interior decor. Feel free to browse through our extensive selection of wafinding signs


Suspended Signs– The suspended signs are ideal for restrooms. These hanging signs are double sided and can be customized with customer logo. Suspended signs can also be used to direct the customers to different departments.

Interior directory sign– This directory sign is perfect to guide the visitors to the right place. This directory can be done in any length and with any number of tenant panels. These directories are perfect choice for medical buildings, parking lots, hospitals, office buildings.

Lobby Directory– This lobby directory was custom created for Lexus of Concord. The back panel was laser cut to a custom shape and the graphics were applied. The top pan