Large Vinyl Banners For Construction Site | Bay Area

Large Vinyl Banners For Construction Site | Bay Area

Construction of any site -residential or commercial takes a couple of months to a year, depending upon the project. The area has to be covered either with fence or boards. Some customers are okay with the fence around the construction site, while others like the area to look nice. This is where vinyl banners come into play. Banners can be printed in any size. If the banner is too long, it can always be done in sections. There are 2 options for construction banners Рmesh banners for the fence or vinyl banners for the fence or boards.

Mesh banners for fence:

Mesh banners have small holes in the material. This allows the wind to pass through and provides a longer life to the outdoor banner. Full color images can be printed and this can be done in any size.

Outdoor vinyl banners:

If the banners will be installed against plywood boards, then vinyl banners with wind slits is a great option. The wind slits are cut randomly across the banner to allow the wind to pass through. On large banners, wind slits are not visible from a distance. Here are some photos from a recent project we completed at a construction site in Los Altos. The construction area and walls were covered with plywood. And the we printed graphics on vinyl banner.

Which is better- vinyl or mesh banners?

Wood panels covering the construction area:

Wood panels on the wall

Entrance to construction area.

This area was covered by customer with plywood boards

Large Banners installed on street side plywood panels