Lobby Signs For Semnur Pharmaceuticals In Mountain View

Lobby Signs For Semnur Pharmaceuticals In Mountain View

Semnur Pharmaceuticals primary focus lies in the development of non-opioid products for meeting the needs of under served patients with back pain. They were moving into their new office in Mountain View and looking for lobby logo signs as part of their branding. After evaluating different options they decided to go with acrylic office signs.

Some more examples of custom wall signs with acrylic

We used an aluminum composite panel with brushed aluminum finish as the backer. The logo is a digital print and the company name in black vinyl. This is applied to frosted acrylic panel. The acrylic panel was cut a little smaller than the brushed aluminum panel. The customer loved the concept a lot and decided to go with a similar sign in a smaller size as their suite sign. The sign is installed using brushed aluminum stand offs in the corners.

Here are some photos for their office lobby signs

So wait no more!!! Contact your sign company san jose to order your indoor office signs today. We can help you decide which style of sign will work best with your logo and budget. Custom wall sign for Crawford Group in Campbell is another example of lobby sign with brushed aluminum and acrylic panels.