Metal Sign Letters For CAIR | Santa Clara

Metal Sign Letters For CAIR | Santa Clara

Lobby signs are important for any business that gets walk in customers. They are as important for your branding as much an exterior sign. Some businesses hesitate to get an interior sign, thinking they will not be able to afford it. But there are lot of options available for custom wall signs, without breaking your bank.

What are my options for metal sign letters?

If you like the look of metal for office sign, you have the option for flat cut aluminum or PVC letters with metal laminate. Flat cut aluminum letters are heavy and have to be drilled into the wall. Recommended thickness for interior sign is 1/4″. Metal letters look great but they are expensive compared to acrylic or pvc. So if you have a limited budget, you can opt for pvc letters with metal laminate. You have the choice of brushed or polished aluminum, brushed or polished gold. The edges are painted a metallic color corresponding to the laminate used on the front. This gives the sign the look of metal without the cost and weight of metal.

Metal letters for interior office walls

Here is a picture of a sign recently installed for Council on American-Islamic Relations for their office in Santa Clara.

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Photos of exterior metal letters for buildings.