Reverse Pan Channel Letters ( Halo Lit Channel Letters )

Reverse Pan Channel Letters ( Halo Lit Channel Letters )

Reverse panĀ channel lettersĀ are signs that illuminate from the back of the letter. These letters are “pegged” off the wall by a minimum of 1″, which allows a flood of light to surround the back of the letters, creating a silhouette (or halo) around the sign.

This type of sign has become popular due to the modern look they provide. You get a clean looking letter, with no ugly acrylic faces, which fade and discolor after time. These letters are generally priced around the same as standard channel letters.

Typically, back lit channel letters/signs use L.E.D. illumination, as opposed to neon or florescent lighting, lowering the cost of having an illuminated sign, as L.E.D. light modules use far less power than previous types of illuminated signs. According to veteran sign builder George Laine, formerly with ABI Signs in Livermore CA, an entire sign using LED’s use the same amount of power as your doorbell! That’s an amazing saving considering how much power neon signs draw.

Halo lit channel letters are a fantastic way to show you are on the cutting edge. Order a set today! San Jose Signs is your connection to a better sign, and a secure future! Remember, a busines with no signs, is a sign of no business! Call today!!!!