Sign company San Jose | Tutorial: How to email fonts

Sign company San Jose | Tutorial: How to email fonts

Emailing fonts is actually quite simple. Many of our customers have difficulty in sending fonts that they like. This article outlines the steps to email fonts, in a simple step by step proceedure. It does not matter what operating system you use, whether it be Windows 7 or Windows XP.

1) Locate your “C/” Drive (See image below)

To locate the directory where your fonts are located, open My Computer. DOUBLE CLICK the “C/” Drive.

2) After opening the “C:” Drive folder, scroll down to find the “Windows” folder.


3) Double click the “Windows” folder, and scroll down to find the “Fonts” folder.

4) Double click the “Fonts” folder, and select the font you want to send. You will need to “ATTACH” the font as a file in your email. That’s it! Easy!

Of course, if you have ANY issues in sending your font to us for your project, you may call and we will walk you through the steps over the phone.

Hope you find this guide helpful!