Signage Company | Benefits of A frame Signs

Signage Company | Benefits of A frame Signs

A-frame is the best portable sign you can get for your business, booth or event. A-frame signs are perfect for getting attentions, directing customers to your business or event. A-frames also go by sandwich boards, tent frames, sidewalk signs.

With a wide variety of options available, you can pick one that best suits your needs and budget. I would say these are the most popular signs we sell. And we always have customers coming back for more, after they see the ROI on the first one.

Outdoor sidewalk signs work perfect for

  • small businesses
  • church services
  • schools
  • property managers
  • HOA’s to rent or lease properties
  • restaurants

The a-frames are double sided and come with different size graphics – 24″x36″, 22″x28″, 18″x24″. Our A-frames include the frame and full color graphics. The frame can be either molded plastic or metal.

The most popular a-frame is the signicade. The image size is 24″x36″ and is available in white and yellow. It can also be filled with water or sand to add extra weight. Now we also have the deluxe signicade in black. It is similar to the signicade, but allows the capability of changing the graphics. If you are looking to display different messages, the deluxe signicade is a good option. You can get 1 frame and multiple versions of the graphics.