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Campbell Hanging Signs


Hanging signs are one of the oldest sign types in the industry; they have been used since the 16th century and developed with some innovations and upgrades. Until today, hanging signs remain to be among the most efficient sign types when it comes to attracting people toward businesses.

custom projecting storefront signFor an affordable and simple yet highly effective way to expand your business reach, hanging signs are a great option. They are unique-looking signs installed perpendicularly to the building instead of the usual flat-on-the-wall attachment. This way, they provide a different technique for allowing your business information to be seen by potential customers and passersby.

Do you need high-quality Campbell, CA hanging signs for your business? San Jose Signs, a leading signage company in the state, has got your back. From the products you want to get to the technical services you may need, we got you covered. Choose among our wide variety of font styles, sizes, colors, styles, and overall design to maximize brand expression and customer attraction.

At San Jose Signs, we want to help enhance your business aesthetic and boost your brand. We want to offer the widest range of signage options, from wall mounts, ceiling brackets, sign frames, panels to even lighting kits, so you can customize your signs and find the best solutions for your business marketing.

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Projecting Signs and Brackets

custom projecting sign

If you want the look of hanging signs but are looking for a more stable and permanent type, you won’t go wrong with our projecting signs and brackets. They don’t swing with the wind like hanging signs do, and they can be customized with a wide range of materials.

Get projection signs with ornate iron brackets and wood or metal panels for a classic vibe. For a modern feel, we can use a custom cutout of a PVC foam board attached to the wall using a minimalist bracket. With San Jose Signs, you can have any look and design you want for your hanging and projecting signs.

Hanging Blade Signs That Stand Out

You may think that hanging blade signs only fit the vibe of inns or bed-and-breakfast establishments. With San Jose Signs, your Campbell hanging signs can be heavily customized to meet the needs of your company, whatever business type it may be.

attractive custom hanging signs

With our wide selection of materials and customization options, we can strategically create signage to attract customers into your business and establish your brand effectively.

Even if your area or the placement you want for your signs involves braving harmful natural elements, our hanging sign products are sure to last for a long time. We do this by ensuring that we use only the highest quality of materials, with panels made of solid timber, banners, fiberglass, aluminum, PVC, and even cast polyurethane.

With San Jose Signs, even your posts and brackets can be highly customized to your preferences. Choose among an array of materials to use, from wrought iron, wood, and stainless steel. Rest assured that your hanging signs will look as attractive and durable as you want them to be.

Indoor Hanging Signs

indoor hanging directional signWith San Jose Signs, your Campbell hanging signs can do wonders for your building exterior as well as for your interior. You can use them indoors to establish your brand further as your customers and visitors enter your building. You can also use them to display important information about your business.

Use our premium hanging signs for many applications, including promotions, wayfinding, and directions. For any hanging signage you may need, San Jose Signs is fully equipped with all the resources and expertise to design the products and install them for you. Get them in various material types, including acrylic, PVC, or corrugated plastic. You can also add more sophisticated sign frames, illuminated sign boxes, or even LED message boards. Have your Campbell hanging signs look their best only with the best signage company in town.

Full-Service Sign Company

San Jose Signs is a leading Campbell signage company.

hanging exterior storefront sign

Our plentiful experiences with various customers in town have equipped us with all the necessary tools to ensure that our future clients find satisfaction in all our signage products and services.

When it comes to signage, we handle everything from planning and designing to installing and repairing. Our graphic artists will closely discuss your goals, budget, and other considerations with you to come up with the best possible design for your hanging signs.

Our team of signage experts will make sure that your signs are perfectly installed and finished, allowing them to last till their peak lifespan. Rest assured that your hanging signs will be up and functional as soon as possible; the installation won’t cause any disruption in your business operation.

Free Hanging Sign Consultation

San Jose Signs company logoWith the effectiveness of hanging signs in bringing customers toward a business, it’s no wonder that they have been used for many years by various industries. Maximize the potential of your Campbell hanging signs with the best in the signage industry, San Jose Signs. We can’t wait to work with you!

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