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San Jose Menu Boards

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More than displaying the food products and services that your company offers, menu boards are also great avenues to establish your brand and attract customers toward your business.

custom indoor menu boardsWith San Jose Signs, you can maximize your San Jose menu boards’ potential, helping influence your customers’ decision-making and having them confidently purchase your products and services. To get satisfied customers and more revenue with menu boards, you need a trusted signage company specializing in menu boards and knows exactly how to optimize their influence.

At San Jose Signs, we don’t just produce ordinary, store-bought quality products. Rest assured that the menu boards and other signage products that you will get from us are created, designed, and installed according to the highest quality available in the entire industry. We do this by carefully considering the most relevant factors, including our customers’ goals, budget, location, and business type, to name a few.

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Updatable Menu Boards

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Find the menu board type that perfectly fits your business goals with San Jose Signs’s selection of menu board styles, materials, and features. Try our chalkboard, whiteboard, ceramic, glass, dry erase boards, and many other options.

We can produce write-on menu boards perfect for tabletops. We can install them hanging from the ceiling, fastened to the walls, or even on A-frames outside your building as an outdoor sign.

With San Jose Signs, you can express your creativity and apply them to your San Jose menu boards with comfort and freedom of expression

Cost-Efficient Menu Board Options

custom hanging menu boardWith San Jose Signs, you can also avail of our more economical menu board variations, including vinyl, coroplast (or corrugated plastics), acrylic, and aluminum. These materials are widely used because they are cost-effective.

You don’t have to worry about compromising a lot of the specifications of more expensive menu board variations.
Choose among a wide range of customization options, from full-color vinyl prints, transparent boards, and hanging signs to backlit menu boards, illuminated boxes, and many more.

Whatever menu board type you select, rest assured that it will be built as durable as possible to last for a long time, even if placed outdoors, yet affordable enough to allow replacements if necessary.

Dynamic Digital Menu Boards

custom digital menu boardIf you are looking for a more advanced, contemporary way to display your products and services, then electronic signs may be the best one for you.

The need to replace traditional menu boards as your menu changes can put a dent in your budget. So even with the extra costs, getting an electronic menu board can change the game in your business. With this technology, you can easily and regularly change the content you show on your menu and even add photos and videos, ultimately creating a very dynamic and attractive visual tool for your business.

Select among a wide variety of features and types of electronic light San Jose menu boards, including monochrome, colored, indoor, outdoor, single-line, multiple-line displays, LCD, LED, and projection signs.

Full-Service Sign Company

custom menu board signSan Jose Signs is a leading signage company that you can trust. Our specialties are creating and designing menu boards that properly execute their aesthetic and informational functions and establish a company’s brand and personality. We make sure that our final products perfectly fit your business goals, budget, brand, and other relevant factors.

Here at San Jose Signs, we make sure our system is airtight, and our products are kept of the highest quality. Our highly-trained and seasoned graphic designers and signage experts are dedicated to providing stellar technical services and customer support to all our clients. We are ready to design, plan, produce, install, and finish your San Jose, CA menu boards to perfection.

Free Menu Boards Consultation

San Jose Menu Boards sanjose signs logo 300x118For a trusted company that can provide you with the best San Jose menu boards, look nowhere else than San Jose Signs. Our team of graphic designers and signage specialists will be with you every step of the way, ending up with only the highest quality of menu boards and other signage products you may need.

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