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Los Altos Monument Signs


Are you looking for a high-quality monument sign to enhance the look of the entrance of your school, church, or office building? Then you came to the right place. San Jose Signs is a top-notch signage company that can surely bring your institution the best state-of-the-art monument sign you can get in Los Altos, CA.

custom foam monument signMonument signs are free-standing signs installed on the front part of an institution, like a school or a corporate facility. They are usually made of very durable materials like stone, brick, concrete, or marble. They are typically imprinted with the institutionโ€™s name, logo, and other important information that they want to include. They provide a great sophisticated and formal feel to any place, adding more impact and recall to visitors and passersby alike.

With San Jose Signs, we will make sure that the monument sign we put on the front area of your business will set you apart from the rest of the businesses in your area.

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An Impressive Entrance

custom monument sign

The elegance that monument signs bring to a place makes them very unique and memorable compared to other sign types. Any company that gets a monument sign is sure to upgrade customer traffic in their area.

Monument signs are very dependable information structures. They donโ€™t need to be attached to any post, pillar, or other foundation material to stay firm in its place. They are also typically made of materials that are incredibly durable against outdoor elements, such as human traffic, weathering, aging, wind, and sunlight. Monuments last for many years. Truly, they are one of the best signage investments you can get. With San Jose Signs, we will make sure that you maximize the potential of your monument sign.

Multi-Tenant Monument Signs

Tenant Monument Sign

Did you know that monument signs can serve more than a single institution at a time? This variation of monument signs, called multi-tenant monument signs, are often used in places like business parks, shopping centers, and multi-building facilities.

You can put the names, logos, and taglines of the various businesses in a multi-business space in one monument sign, which can serve as an information booth, a directory of facilities, or simply a grand greeting for visitors.

Custom Signs for Every Budget

Custom Monument Sign

In San Jose Signs, we know the importance of customizing our signs to perfectly fit the needs of each of our clients so that they can maximize the influential effects of an excellent monumental sign.

Our company offers the widest range of materials, sizes, shapes, structures, and designs of monument signs, perfect for your specific needs and objectives. Your monument sign will surely be unique to your business.

Whether you want a show-stopper sign or a simple and straightforward one, we have everything you need to create and install them in your business in Los Altos.

Free Monument Sign Consultation

Los Altos Monument Signs sanjose signs logo 300x118For all your signage needs, San Jose Signs is here for you. We have all the resources, tools, and knowledge to provide our clients with the best products and services the signage industry can offer. Letโ€™s talk about your company’s needs today and get that gorgeous monument sign for your building in no time.

Call San Jose Signs today at (408) 495-5503 for a Free Consultation with a Los Altos Monument Sign Specialist!