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Outdoor signage is popular for giving your business the visibility it needs to get noticed by your target market, but that’s not all it does.

Surveys show that out of 10 consumers, 8 claim to have decided to check out a business they’ve never visited before simply because of the business’s outdoor signs. Exterior signs are not only perfect for getting attention; they are also key in actually getting paying customers in through your doors.

custom lighted signs

San Jose Signs is a full-service sign company that specializes in producing impressive and impactful outdoor signage for all types of businesses and organizations here in Santa Clara. We are passionate about helping your business grow by giving you the most attractive and most effective signage possible. We don’t just print them for you; we conceptualize, design, layout, print, fabricate, install, and even to maintenance and repair. We want to be your complete outdoor signs provider here in the Santa Clara, CA area.

Having been in the sign industry for a long time, we at San Jose Signs understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to finding the best outdoor sign for your business. You have unique needs, so you need a unique solution. And this is exactly why San Jose Signs makes sure that we have a wide selection of outdoor sign options that you can choose from. From fascia signs, channel letters, vinyl banners, A-frame signs, yard signs, or any other outdoor sign, we have what you need.

And if you’re looking for one-of-a-kind signage, San Jose Signs can custom-craft it for you, too! We work according to your branding, target market, business goals, and of course, your budget. We look forward to helping you attract, impress, and impact your target market with high-quality outdoor signs by San Jose Signs.

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Storefront & Building Signs

custom outdoor building signs

If you’re looking for storefront signs and business signs, the good news is that there are countless options out there. Unfortunately, this could mean that actually picking out the right one for your establishment can be a confusing and challenging task. This is where we at San Jose Signs come in and help you out with our expertise.

We’ve been in the signage business for many years now, and we totally understand that signage needs vary from one business/organization to another…this means that generic, off-the-shelf sign options just won’t do. So we sit down with you, know more about your business and your signage needs, show you what the available options are, and help you throughout the entire sign-making process.

Channel Letters & Dimensional Letters

lighted cabinet storefront sign

Channel letters and dimensional letters are among the most popular outdoor signage choices. San Jose Signs have successfully designed, fabricated, and installed them for countless clients here in the Santa Clara area. Channel and dimensional letter signs by San Jose Signs are specially crafted to highlight your business, complement your brand identity, and carry out exactly what you want them to. With our variety of options and professional recommendations, you can pick out the design, material, finishing, accessories, and location of your signs. We do logos, letters, numbers, and even images to create the channel letter or dimensional letter that your establishment deserves.

Do you want your sign to have a specific look? That’s great! San Jose Signs’s team of sign fabricators that are equipped with the talent and tools to make your dream sign a reality. Are you not quite sure about your sign design just yet? That’s not a problem at all. San Jose Signs has a strong team of sign designers who can help you out with that. With San Jose Signs, you can rest assured that your channel letter and dimensional letter signs will be as impactful as they are attractive.

Channel letters and dimensional letters are attractive, versatile, and highly customizable. They make excellent outdoor signs for all types of businesses and all types of locations, especially here in Santa Clara, CA.

Lighted Signs

custom lighted storefront

If you’re planning to promote and advertise your business 24/7, then lighted signs may just be the sign type for you. High quality lighted signs are highly attractive and highly effective in getting your brand message across to your target market, whether they’re passing by your establishment on foot or on the road. Illuminated signs give you visibility no matter the time of day and no matter the weather; they’re practically all-day advertising for your brand.

Here at San Jose Signs, we can give you a wide selection of lighted sign options. We can do illuminated sign boxes, pole signs, channel letters, dimensional letters, electronic message boards, and even neon-style LED signs.

Lighted signage gives establishments a lot of visibility all throughout the day, especially in the evenings. This makes them a great option for restaurants, clubs, bars, retail stores, convenience stores, gas stations, movie houses, and fast food chains.

Custom Sign Panels

Santa Clara Outdoor Signs outdoor door vinyl storefront panel 300x225

Sign panels come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, substrates, and designs. You install them directly to your wall or storefront. You may have encountered businesses that use sign panels that are plain and boring, but they can also come in full-color designs. They’re practically a canvas for your business’s perfect signage art.

We at San Jose Signs deliver the best sign panels in Santa Clara. Durable, stunning, and very economical, custom sign panels by San Jose Signs are a worthwhile investment. We use only the best sign and graphic materials for our clients—from high-grade vinyl to superior quality ink, sturdy metal plates, and even useful accessories such as lightboxes. If you’re looking for an outdoor sign panel tailored to fit your business needs, San Jose Signs can definitely deliver that to you.

Custom panel signs are great for businesses looking for outdoor signage that’s worth every penny. They are affordable, versatile, and quite durable, and they’ll look great on your storefront.

Canopy & Awning Signs

custom awning sign

Canopy and awning signs are definitely signage options you should consider if you’re looking to give customers and passersby an impressive introduction to your business. And as a bonus, they also give people a bit of protection from sun, rain, and snow.

Here at San Jose Signs, the canopy signs and awning signs we deliver can be made from a variety of fabric, weight, size, thickness, color, and design of your choice. We can also print out your business or organization name and logo right on the sign for maximum brand visibility.

Canopy signs and awning signs are a great mix of aesthetics and function. With these as outdoor signs, your establishment can exude exclusivity and sophistication, making them wonderful options for boutiques, art galleries, hotels, and jewelry shops.

Monument Signs

Santa Clara Outdoor Signs monument outdoor dimensional logo 300x225

Monument signs exude permanence and stability. By simply being there, outside your facility, they communicate the impression of strength and class to your customers, visitors, and even passersby. Monument signs by San Jose Signs are usually made from long-lasting material such as concrete, stone, marble, metal, and hardwood, on which your business information can be etched, carved, or fitted.

Here at San Jose Signs, we want to ensure that your monument sign communicates your unique message to your unique audience. We do this by custom designing, fabricating, and installing them with your business, branding, and budget in mind. San Jose Signs looks forward to giving your business a classic and timeless look using excellent quality monument signs.

Monument signs are typically found at the main entrance and lawn areas of establishments. Because of their bold and imposing look, they can be great outdoor sign choices for schools, universities, churches, resorts, hotels, and government offices.

Pole Signs & Pylon Signs

custom digital pole sign

Pole and pylon signs are perfect for businesses that want to be seen and noticed even from a distance. Large, towering, and mostly lighted, pole signs and pylon signs are visible practically 24 hours a day.

When installed in front of your business, Pole and pylon signs by San Jose Signs help you stand out from the competition and allow people to locate your place more easily, increasing foot traffic and ultimately increasing sales in the long run. And because they make it easier for businesses to get spotted even from a long way off, they’re ideal for establishments that are a bit far from the road.

Pole signs and pylon signs are highly visible and highly capable of reaching a much wider audience than most outdoor signs. They are a practical and effective choice for businesses like fast-food chains, car dealerships, malls, supermarkets, gas stations, especially ones that are situated away from the main road.

Complete Exterior Signage Provider

custom vinyl window graphics

San Jose Signs has been a trusted signage provider here in Santa Clara and if there’s one thing that we know about signage needs, it’s that every business/organization has its own unique needs which require unique solutions. This is exactly why we see to it that our clients have access to as many outdoor signage options as possible. We are dedicated to giving you the signs that best reflect your business, best feature your products/services, and best attract your target market.

Our goal at San Jose Signs is to be your complete outdoor signs provider here in the Santa Clara area. We want to let you know that we can design, fabricate, customize, and install all types of exterior signs to meet your business’s unique needs. We do storefront signs, building signs, channel letters, electronic signboards, vinyl banners, yard signs, glass decals, A-frame signs, flags, awning signs, and a whole lot more.

Here are other signage options that we offer:

If exterior signage isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, San Jose Signs also delivers high-quality business signs, indoor signs, trade show signs, vinyl signs, and even custom signs. We have the talent, the tools, and the technical knowledge to craft signs just how you want them.

Full-Service Exterior Sign Company

custom projecting storefront sign

San Jose Signs has been a trusted outdoor signs provider here in the Santa Clara area for quite some time because our company process is designed to include our clients in every stage of the sign-selection and sign-creation process. We work very closely with you, carefully collaborating with your marketing team, to ensure that the signs we deliver meet your standards, expectations, and signage needs.

Already have an outdoor sign that you want touched up or fixed? San Jose Signs can take care of that for you, ensuring that each part and element of your sign creatively complements your brand. If you don’t have an outdoor sign just yet and want us to create something for you, we’d be more than happy to work with you from conceptualization, design, fabrication, all the way to sign installation.

San Jose Signs is equipped with a strong team of sign designers, fabricators, installers, project managers, and marketing experts. We want to be your local outdoor signage provider that takes care of all aspects of the sign-making process so you won’t have to hope from one sign shop to the next just to get a sign project done. Every stage of the process is handled right here in our Santa Clara shop.

Free Outdoor Sign Consultation

Santa Clara Outdoor Signs sanjose signs logo 300x118San Jose Signs is a trusted local sign company, and we specialize in crafting impactful outdoor signs for all types of businesses here in Santa Clara, CA. We are driven to provide you with signage get you noticed, get potential customers walking through your doors, and get people to recognize and remember your brand. We want to see your business grow and expand, and we want to help you get there by providing you with high-quality outdoor signs.

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