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Los Altos Pole Signs


Pole signs are everywhere where there is a great need for visibility, such as interstate restaurants and gas stations.

Complete Storefront Signage

Pole signs work as a tall beacon of signal that informs people from up to yards away that a business establishment, typically essential resources like food or gasoline, is in the area. No wonder they attract customers as no other sign does. Pole signs are permanent, freestanding signs that surely bring great impact in any location, giving off the widest range of visibility among all the sign types.

Are you interested in a pole sign for your business? Then you came to the right place. San Jose Signs is a leading provider of all signage products and services needed by the people of Los Altos, CA. We take care of the whole process of setting up those large signs in any area in the city, from the designing and consultation up until the manufacturing, installation, and even repair and maintenance. We are dedicated to giving you with only the highest quality of signage products that can surely upgrade your company’s marketing department.

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Illuminated Pole Signs

Dairy Queen Pylon Sign

If you don’t think the height of the pole sign will do the trick, then try lighting it up. We can do this by fixing a cabinet sign (a hollow, three-dimensional sign) on top of the pole and install electronics and lighting inside it. A bright, 20-feet-tall light sign showcasing your business’s name and logo will surely attract passersby from yards away even during the night.

Pole signs, especially illuminated ones, may seem like an expensive investment. But considering the potential reach they promise, having them in your collection of signage is surely one of the best decisions you can make. On the other hand, if you are still unsure about getting this type of signage, we can help you assess if this is the right choice for you. We offer a free on-site evaluation of your business to evaluate the pros and cons of getting your store a pole sign.

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Pylon & Tenant Signs

Pylon Sign Tenant signIf you’re not yet sold with pole signs, try pylon and tenant signs. They are also positioned way above the roofs of one-story business establishments, but they have more capacity for information and content.

Pylon signs are usually shorter than pole signs, but they are made with heavier materials and a wider base support structure. Tenant signs are one kind of pylon sign that essentially showcases multiple business establishments in a single building or area. They are usually installed in open-air malls, business parks, and shopping centers.

With pole, pylon, and tenant signs, the options for customization and personalization are endless. Let us help you decide on what is best for your business in Los Altos.

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Free Pole Sign Consultation

Los Altos Pole Signs sanjose signs logo 300x118For all your pole sign installation needs, San Jose Signs is here for you. Just tell us what you want, and our seasoned signage experts will handle the entire process for you, from the consultation and ocular visit, up until the repair and maintenance if you need them. Let’s build your desired pole sign together. It all starts with your call.

Call San Jose Signs today at (408) 495-5503 for a Free Consultation with a Los Altos Pole Sign Expert!