3 D Lobby Sign For Gridstore In Mountain View

3 D Lobby Sign For Gridstore In Mountain View

Gridstore was setting up their new office in Mountain View. The sign had to be installed before their grand opening. Luckily, they placed the order ahead of time and we did not have to rush to get the order out(Don’t we all hate that – rushing the orders to meet the customer deadline and still trying to meet the high quality standards for the finished product).

There are different material options for painted lobby signs – PVC letters and acrylic letters are the more popular ones. In my opinion, if a sign has to be painted then it is better to go with PVC because after the letters are painted you cannot tell the letters apart unless you touch them.

The client decided to go with painted PVC letters and logo. They also chose installation with studs and spacers to get the 3D effect. The logo wall was painted black by the customer and red letters looked great on the black background.

Here are some pictures:

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