3 Things to know before ordering custom window graphics

3 Things to know before ordering custom window graphics

Window graphics on the storefront window are as important as your any other sign. If you have windows, make use of that space to advertise your business. Remember -Signs are your most cost effective method of advertising for your business. Vinyl window decals advertise 24×7. Even when you are not there or your business is not open, signs advertise for you.

Custom window graphics can be as simple as just the business name, hours of operation and phone number. They can be applied to your entrance door or the windows on the side. If you have room on your window and in your budget, then the possibilities are endless. We also offer perforated vinyl for your windows. Window perf gives the flexibility of full coverage without blocking the view from the inside.

But before you request a quote vinyl window signs, please make sure you have the following information:

  • Size of the window or available space
  • The content of the graphics-text , logo.
  • The number of colors.

With the availability of digitally printed graphics, a full color logo with contour cut graphics can be done as easily as white decals. So don’t hold yourself back. Feel free to ask your sign company, if they can do a digitally printed logo for your store front window.You can also get window graphics in etched vinyl without getting the glass custom etched. Etched graphics work great if you want to add accent to your windows, similar to the picture attached.