3 Types Of Custom Vinyl Window Decals | San Jose

3 Types Of Custom Vinyl Window Decals | San Jose

Window graphics are great for advertising your business. In today’s digital age, there are no restrictions or limitations for window decals. You can keep them as simple as just the logo or go all out with full color images and photos.

If you have a lot of storefront windows and the budget, then full window wraps are the way to go. They provide privacy to your business and advertise your business and services to the outside world. In this post, we will discuss the 3 different options for custom window graphics.

  • Window Decals
  • Window Wraps – Perforated (See thru window graphics) and Opaque window vinyl
  • Etched or Sandblasted windows


Window decals- Also known as window stickers are die cut graphics applied to the windows. They are mostly applied from the outside. The only time the window decals can be applied from the inside if they are actual vinyl colors and not digitally printed. the colored vinyl is the same color in the front and back, so they can be mirror cut and applied to windows on the inside. This method works best if the graphics are going to be only 1 color.

If the graphics are full color, then we digitally print them and our printer cuts those graphics. The vinyl is weeded and masked for installation. You can go for a mix of logo, text and images or just stay with text.

Here are some photos of vinyl window lettering

These vinyl window signs in color, all white vinyl decals, and just the company logo on the door.


Window Wraps- These kind of graphics give you the option to fully cover your windows edge to edge. You can either go for perforated(see thru) or opaque vinyl. The perforated vinyl blocks the view from outside but people from inside the business can see outside. And opque vinyl provides no visibility from either side.

This is a great option if you have a good budget for your graphics and have some great images and photos to display/advertise your business. They work great for medical offices(provides privacy for patients), retail stores, gymns and sports clubs, wholesale/distribution centers.

Here are some photos for window wraps designed, printed and installed by San Jose Sign in the bay area.

You can see how you can use your storefront windows as billboards for advertising your products and services.


Etched windows or Sandblasted windows – Sandblasted or etched window look can be achieved by using silver frosted vinyl. This option is great for conference rooms and interior offices. It provides privacy and you can always personalize the graphics with logo or office names.

So you can see there are lots of different options for your window and door graphics. Contact your local sign company to discuss what would work best for your space and budget.

San Jose Signs is located in the Silicon Valley in Ca.If you are local business we can help you with your custom vinyl window decals.