4 Different Types Of Window Decals | Sign Company Bay Area

4 Different Types Of Window Decals | Sign Company Bay Area

Window decals attract customers! It is crucial that the right type of window graphics are selected. In this blog, we will discuss the different types of window signage.

Static Window Clings – These are most suitable for temporary window graphics. The material used can be easily applied with water and when the graphics are not needed any more, they can be peeled of easily. Best suited for short term promotions and marketing.


Decorative Window Film– We can create custom window film with company information or logo. Sandblasted or etched vinyl is the most popular option for decorative window film. We can also print custom full color graphics on frosted vinyl.

Die-cut Decals :These vinyl window decals are custom cut logos and letters. We can do them full color to match company logos. There are always applied on the outside. But if done in 1 color like white, they can be applied from the inside.

Perforated Window graphics – These give the ability to view from the inside, but blocks view from the outside. Any high resolution full color graphic can be printed on these. Perforated window graphics are always applied on the outside of the windows.

These are the different options for the window graphics. All of these vinyl window stickers can be customized for any business based on their needs and budget.