4 factors that affect the cost of the monument signs | Bay Area

4 factors that affect the cost of the monument signs | Bay Area

Monument sign is your most visible sign. Monument signs are installed in the ground facing the road. They are perfect for guiding traffic to your business and are for  long term. These work great for commercial plazas, church, HOA’s, multiple tenant complexes, schools, shopping malls, hospitals etc.

There a wide variety of options available in terms of look and materials. Here I have a listed a few of the options available:

  • Foam monument signs -These are constructed out of high density urethane foam and are very durable. It is hard to tell the sign is constructed from foam, as it can have custom accents and textures. The graphics on these signs have to be dimensional/3d lettering. The cost of these signs depends on the size, style and accents selected.
    • Metal monument signs– These are built from aluminum. They can have a smooth or stucco texture and can be painted with custom colors. The text can be added as vinyl graphics or 3d letters. Vinyl graphics cost less than raised letters. If it is a multi-tenant monument sign, then it is cost effective to do vinyl graphics. Because it is easier to change vinyl when tenants move in and out.
  • Brick or stone monument signs– Some customers prefer the more natural look and feel for their signs.These signs can be built with stone or bricks. Because of the uneven texture, these signs can only have 3d letters. They work great for HOAs.

Factors affecting the cost of the signs

Lot of times the customers are worried about the costs for the signs. Besides the materials used, the cost is affected by the following factors:

  1. Size of the sign- The city might have some restrictions on the size
  2. Single sided or Double sided
  3. Lit or non-lit
  4. Vinyl decals or raised letters on the sign

At San Jose Signs we work on your custom monument signs from design to installation. These signs also require a permit from the city. The cost of the permit varies from city to city. We can also pull the permits from the city for your signs.

I hope this blog will provide a good insight about monument signs and will make you aware of the factors affecting the cost of the signs. Here are some images for monument signs.