4 Things To Consider When Ordering Your Custom Interior Wall Sign

4 Things To Consider When Ordering Your Custom Interior Wall Sign

Interior wall signs are an important aspect of your branding. They create the first impression for

your business when the customer walks in. Companies spend a lot of time and money to make sure the entrance or the lobby area is impressive and presentable for the customers. But they often neglect the importance of having a lobby sign that goes with their image.

Every company logo is different and can be done in a lot of different ways. 
 4 things to consider for your lobby sign

1. What style will make your logo look best?

Like I mentioned earlier there are lots of different ways to do any lobby sign or logo. One of the key things to consider here is the kind of business. What kind of business it is ? Are you a corporate, a law firm, a dentist, a property management company or a retail business? What might work for one business image may not work for another. Corporate firms and franchises have sign guidelines, so there is no room for selection. But a style that may work for a dentist office may not work for a law firm or a car dealer.
Keep your customers, prospective clients in mind when selecting the style for your lobby sign.
Here are some examples of different styles:

2. What is your budget for the sign?

The great news is that since the lobby signs can be done in lots of different ways, there is something available for every budget. You can get a good quality sign for an affordable price. For instance a back lit lobby sign will cost more than a non-lit sign, or a metal sign will be more than a metal laminate sign.

You also have the choice of going for individual letters and logos or vinyl print on a plexiglass. Plexiglass sign installed with stand offs looks great, specially on dark colored walls.

Here are some examples for comparison

3. What should be the size for the lobby sign?

The size for the lobby sign is determined based on the size of the wall where the sign will be installed and the orientation of your sign. Some signs are horizontal, some more square. It is always a good practice to determine the overall width of the sign that you would like. Then we would take that dimension and scale the logo to determine the sign height.

Sometimes minor adjustments can be made to sign size based on the logo. For instance, instead of the logo on the side of text, we can stack it on top to make the sign taller instead of long and narrow.

4. Do you plan to move soon?

If you know that you will be moving soon, then lobby sign on acrylic panel is a good option. It is easy to remove the sign and relocate to your new location. The lobby signs on plexiglass panel do not have to be vinyl decals always. You can also do 3d signs on plexiglass.


I hope this posts answers some of the questions you might have when ordering your lobby wall sign. Here at San Jose Signs, we like to make the process easy for you. If you provide us your logo in vector format and the estimated length of the sign, we can determine the size and the best style and material that would work for your sign.