4 things to know about window graphics for your business

4 things to know about window graphics for your business

Ever wondered how the name of the company was done couple of blocks from your office. Is it hand painted? Is it removable? Is it very expensive? How do I get window graphics for my business? What is the process?

Well, the vinyl window decals for a store front or a business can be done in 4 ways:

Vinyl window lettering– These are individually vinyl cut letters applied to the window. They can be done in any color, but white is recommended. We can also add your company logo. This is the least expensive option for vinyl window sign and is removable. Here are some examples of vinyl decals on doors and windows.


Vinyl window stickers: Full color vinyl can be applied to windows. This type of vinyl is opaque and is perfect for locations where the customers do not need an outside view.These can be done in any size. Some also call these window wraps.

Sandblasted window graphics– Frosted graphics give the look of etched glass. Sometimes the glass is so clean that people miss it and bump into the glass. To avoid that, etched vinyl is applied to the windows. It can be customized with your logo or graphics.

See-Thru window graphics– It is called perforated, because the material has small holes in it. Full color graphics can be printed on it and the holes allow for visiblility from the inside and not the outside. These work great if you want to fully cover the windows. Here are some samples.