5 Different types of A frame signs for your business

5 Different types of A frame signs for your business

A frame signs that work for your business

There is a wide variety of selection available on the a-frame signs In this post I will talk about a few of the most popular ones. This will help you determine, which one will work best for you.
Signicade– This is our most popular option. Our customers  love it and keep coming back for more. The frame is 24″wide x45″ high. It weighs about 17lbs. The signicade is available in white and yellow. The image size is 24″wide x36″ tall. You can either put text only or full color graphics. These work great for salons, restaurant signage, event signage, fairs.


Signicade Deluxe– This is similar in size and looks to the signicade. It just has an additional feature -“stay tabs”. They lock the graphics in place without the need for screws or velcro tabs. These are great for businesses that like to change their message often-restaurants, event signage.

Simpo Sign– These are 34″ high x 23″wide and weigh about 8lbs each. The display area is 22″x28″. They are costructed from high density polyethelyne, which means no discoloration or maintenance. No clips, bolts, latches or added parts. Molded in stacking lugs nest together when stacked which prevents sliding.

Quick Sign– Height 30.5″ x 26″wide and weighs about 6.8lbs. Display two 18″ x 24″ sign blanks in each frame. Made with the same stuff as the Signicade and the Simpo Sign. Change signs in seconds with no hardware. Blanks quickly slide in and out and stay securely in place.


Wind Sign with Snap frame– Great for windy locations – medians, sidewalks etc. The coil spring resists strong winds and brings  the sign back to upright position. Snap frames allow easy change of graphics. Available in 2 sizes of poster frames- 28″ x 44″ and 24″ x 36″. Frames available in satin silver or gloss black. Base can be filled with sand or water.

These are just some of the sandwich boards available. Click here to see sample pictures of a frames done by San Jose Signs.