5 Types Of Exterior Medical Office Signs | Bay Area

5 Types Of Exterior Medical Office Signs | Bay Area

In this post we will discuss the 5 types of medical office signs – dentist, optometrist, medical offices, hospitals.

Channel letters – Building signs are very important for a medical office just like any other business. Even though most medical offices are not open very late, lit letters play an important role in attracting customers. If you have the budget for it and the landlord allows channel letters, go for it.

Cabinet Signs- Some landlords prefer light box signs for building signs, to keep all the signs looking consistent. The box signs are same size for all tenants and you just get a new face with your name and logo for the exisitng plastic cabinet.


Window wraps- Use your windows as an advertising billboard. You can use a combination of text and images to highlight your business. Window wraps cost more than window decals, but give you better ROI. They provide more effective advertising.

Post & Panel sign – Some people call them monument sign. But they are different. They are panel with business or doctor name installed on 2 posts. it can be single sided or double sided, single business name or multiple practitioners. They are a perfect soluton when you don’t have the room or budget for monument sign.

Monument Signs– Monument signs are best for hospitals, medical office buildings, These are fabricated from aluminum and can be painted custom colors. They can be for single business or multiple tenants. Sometimes when you move into a new location, there might be an exisitng monument sign and you may just need to add your practice name.

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