7 Things to know about Exterior Building Signs

7 Things to know about Exterior Building Signs

You have signed the lease, ordered the equipment and the furniture, hired employees, created a marketing plan, planned your advertising. But what about your signs? How will people find your business if you do not have a sign outside. Believe it or not- even though signs are the most important part of business, people do not get to them until the very end.

In this blog, I will share the key things to know about exterior building signs. Just like any other product, there a wide variety of options available for signage as well. Lot of times, we get calls from customers- ” I want to get a sign for my business. How much will it cost?” And if we ask “what kind of a sign? ” . The answer will be ” I don’t know yet. But how much will the sign cost?”Well, in order to determine the cost we need more information than the fact that you would like to get a sign for your business.

Even if you order a sandwich at a cafe, you have to tell the server- the kind of sandwich, the bread, dressing, filling etc. Then the cashier is able to tell you the cost. It is the same with signs. Building signs are custom fabricated.

So what are the key factors when deciding about an exterior building sign

– Lit or Non-lit

-Size (Height of the letters)

-Material (Metal, acrylic , Foam)

-Thickness ( how thick do you want the letters)

-Available space ( The size is determined by the space available for the sign)

– City ordinances for the signs in your area

-Mounting ( Stud mounted, on a panel, in a box)

Once we have the above information, we can provide you more approximate cost for your sign. In some situations, the customers have the information. If not, then we can help you in deciding the size and material for your sign letters.