7 Types Of Construction Company Signs | Bay Area

7 Types Of Construction Company Signs | Bay Area

In this blog we will discuss  the 7 different kinds of  construction company signs, that they may need for themselves or any project they are working on. Some are needed for inspections while others are signs that contractors can use to advertise their business.

Channel letters– These are lit signs installed outside the business. The signs use LEDs for illumination. Neon tubing is not used any more for channel letters. Channel letter signs can be customized with custom logo and colors. Here is an photo of Silicon Sage construction installed in Sunnyvale. They built an apartment building and needed a sign for their leasing office. The letters are halo lit channel letters with a logo cabinet. The logo cabinet has digitally printed graphics.

 Building Signs – Not all building signs need to have lights. You can also go for non-lit exterior building signs in metal or painted PVC. Metal costs more than PVC but lasts longer. Here is a picture of a sign installed for Ralls Construction in Santa Clara. The signs were made from 1/4″ thick aluminum and painted custom logo colors. The letters were stud mounted on the wall.

Job site signs– These are perfect for contractors to install on site during the construction project. They provide great advertising. The signs are digitally printed on 1/2″ MDO boards and can be mounted on posts. These signs can be used multiple times and easily moved from job site to job site.

Lobby signs – How about a sign for your company in the reception area! The possibilities are endless. There are lot of options to choose for office wall signs based on your logo and budget. Here is a sample photo of plexiglass sign for Blue Sierra Construction. The letters are 1/2″ thick PVC painted custom colors and mounted with double sided tape on frosted acrylic panel. The logo is digitally printed. And the plexiglass panel is installed with brushed aluminum stand offs.

Monument Signs– These are freestanding signs installed at the entrance of a property. They can have the name of a single tenant or multiple tenants based on the property. The signs are fabricated from aluminum and can be lit or non-lit and painted custom colors. Here is a sample photo for a monument sign with tenant panels. The graphics are digitally printed on the tenant panels.

Parking signs and ADA signs– We also stock standard ADA signs for bathrooms, exit signs, exit route signs, parking lot signs, fine $250 signs, van accessible signs. We can also fabricated custom ADA signs.

Banners – Banners are the most inexpensive form of advertising for contractors. They can be mounted on fence during the project to advertise their business to the neighbors driving by.