Acrylic Letters For Interior Signs | Bay Area

Acrylic Letters For Interior Signs | Bay Area

lobby sign is as important for your company as an exterior sign. It re-inforces the branding of your company. And when your office is in a business office building, the interior sign is the only sign option you have apart from having your name on an exterior directory. Therefore , it is important that you select the materials carefully.

Here are a few things to consider when selecting acrylic signs  for office:

Thickness : The most popular thickness for interior signs is 1/4″. We can do the acrylic letters in 1/2″ as well, but that requires drilling into the wall for installation. There are some standard colors available in the 1/4″ thickness, but if the color is not available, we can custom paint the letters. The cost of the letters varies based on the thickness of the materials.

Finish – Glossy or Matt :  Our standard finish is matte, but we can do glossy paint if requested. In our opion, matte finish works out better because there is no glare on the signs. Although, you do have the option of getting letters painted on the face or the back. If letters are painted on the face, it looks similar to painted PVC letters. But if the letters are painted on the back, then you get the benefit of having acrylic letters. The clear sides and front give it a nice dimensional look. There is no cost difference in the kind of finish selected. It is only a matter of choice and preference.


We can also do custom logos in acrylic. If your logo has gradients, we can apply digitally printed graphics on clear acrylic. So, give us a call to discuss your lobby sign at 408-294-7446.