Advertise Your Business with Printed Vinyl Banners

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Advertise Your Business with Printed Vinyl Banners

At San Jose Signs, we specialize in full color custom banners. We can provide any size and any quantity. Banners can be used for advertising, promotions or events. Our vinyl banners are printed using a four color process called CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow and Black). The material that banners are printed on is a durable vinyl. Printed banners can be used outside or inside and are weatherproof. Our banners include grommets and hems and are ready to hang!

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Installing a large banner can be a difficult task, especially if you are hanging the banner on the wall in front of your store or place of business, and there are no available places to tie the banner down. In this case, we recommend that anchors and washers be used to secure the banner to the wall. If you feel that you need assistance with hanging the banner, we can install it for you, even if we didn’t make the banner!

The design of the banner is very important. Many people want to put too much information on banners. Your message should be the main focus point, not your fax number, email address, or even your business address (unless the banner is to be displayed somewhere besides your place of business). Just remember that banners are generally view by passing cars, and nobody will have time to write down your email address, fax number, or even your phone number. Get the point accross and keep it simple.

Colors that really pop are black on yellow or yellow on black. The colors of your outdoor vinyl banners should be high in contrast with the building that it will hang from or be close to, and should never try to match the background colors with your building color.