Back Lit Lobby Signs | Upgrade Your Lobby!

Back Lit Lobby Signs | Upgrade Your Lobby!

Does your lobby need an upgrade? The most impressive way to showcase your brand or company logo is with an illuminated lobby sign!

Lobby signs are used in most of the high-tech business around the Silicon Valley, and San Jose
Signs is a leading manufacturer of interior back-lit lobby and office signs. There are several factors to consider before ordering a new illuminated lobby wall sign, such as the size and location.

Most illuminated¬†lobby signs¬†can be installed with the wiring inside the walls, but this not always the case. Occassionally we need to also have a ‘wire-way’ built and installed on the opposing wall, to house the required power supply and wire harness. Also, we use the latest LED lighting technology in our back lit office signs so your new sign will shine bright for many, many years.

For more information about a back-lit logo, or if you’d like a free estimate, please contact us today. Your lobby wall deserves an upgrade!