Back Lit or Halo Lit Channel letters | South Bay Area

Back Lit or Halo Lit Channel letters | South Bay Area

Actually called¬†halo lit channel letters, these signs illuminated the wall behind the letters, creating a ‘halo’ effect.

These signs are commonly referred to as “back lit” letters. They give your business a higher-end look, and are a fantastic way to separate yourself from your neighbor’s standard illuminated letters!

In some cases, the backlit signs are required by the landlord to match the other signs or by the city. It is always helpful to check with your landlord if they have a sign criteria. This makes the process shorter and smoother as there is no guesswork involved as to what the landlord might or might not approve. If the landlord has a sign criteria, then it makes it easy to obtain permit from the city, since the sign criteria is drafted based on the city requirements for your space. All signs with electricals will need a city permit before installation. First the landlord has to approve the signs, then the sign package is presented to the city for permits. The permit cost varies with every project and is determined by the city not the sign company.

At San Jose Signs, we have designed and manufactured many reverse pan channel letters.

Daytime photo of backlit signs