Bay Area | Box Truck Decals for a moving company

Bay Area | Box Truck Decals for a moving company

Do you have delivery trucks driving around town? Does your delivery truck have your business name on it. If not, then it is time to invest in some truck graphics. Truck decals are a great and cost effective means of advertising your business. It is a one time investments that pays off for years and years.

According to the OAAA (Outdoor Advertising Association of America) in 2011, advertisers spent $6.388 billion on outdoor advertising. A majority of this spending was graphics and advertising on moving vehicles like buses, trucks, moving billboards, truck side fleet displays. The ROI for advertising is calculated as CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) .The unit cost of the media multiplied by 1000 and dividing the result with audience size is CPM.

Compared to other mediums of advertising – television, radio, billboards etc. the ROI on the vehicle graphics is the maximum. Because the delivery trucks spend a lot of time on the road and are driven all over town, they reach a wider range of audience.

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