Bay Area | Custom Hanging Signs

Bay Area | Custom Hanging Signs

At San Jose Signs, we design and manufacture a wide range of hanging signs and projecting signs. Typically called “blade” signs, these are the signs that ‘project’ from the main wall next to business entrances.

These types of signs can be very exciting looking. I’ve been involved in designing blade signs with multiple illuminated levels, and some that contain both neon and LED illumination. Although illumination is not always needed, it does add a dynamic visual to your business frontage.

Typically, most hanging signs and projecting signs are not illuminated. Generally a pole mount and bracket is secured to the building’s facia, then a sign is suspended from that bracket. Blade signs are generally secured using two or more custom brackets.

The types of projecting signs are:

Blade signs – not suspended from pole bracket, but directly projecting from building

Hanging signs – signs that are suspended from a pole bracket.

If you are interested in a hanging sign or blade sign, call us to discuss your ideas. We will visit your site to establish the location of your new sign, and determine what type would best fit your needs and budget. No matter which direction you choose, you can be sure that San Jose Signs will provide you with superior service, design and installation!