Bay Area | Custom wall signs for your business

Bay Area | Custom wall signs for your business

Marketing is a very important part of making your business successful and there are many ways to do to accomplish this. But more important than what you do in today’s economy, or even how you do it, is to stay within a budget that will not only meet your marketing needs but also allow your business to put it’s best foot forward.

One of the most budget conscious ways of advertising your business is- signage. This could include business signs, banners, vehicle signs, lobby signs, window graphics and decals, and monument signs. You can have a company create the type of signs you need. If you already have established colors and logos they will create something that is unique and eye-catching for your business. If you don’t, then the sign company can work with you to create a unique sign that meets your marketing needs.

Lobby signs play a critical role in the image or branding of a company. When a customer walks in and the company has a lobby sign, that speaks volumes about the company image. It shows the company is serious about its products and services and believes in branding and imaging.

There a wide variety of options available for your lobby signs in terms of materials and mounting methods-plexiglass, metal, acrylic, foam, metal laminates and much more. Depending upon your logo, we suggest the best look for your reception signs. Budget also plays a key factor. Any sign can be done in lot of different ways. It is advisalbe to discuss the budget when inquiring about the sign. This shortens the estimate and approval process and you can get your signs much faster.

Here are some photos for custom wall signs by San Jose Signs-

Brushed aluminum letters raised off the wall with spacers

Back lit interior wall sign

PVC letters installed on a panel with brushed aluminum surface

Back painted clear acrylic

So if you would like to get a custom wall sign for your business, wait no more and contact us today!