Bay area Sign Company | Exterior Signage


Bay area Sign Company | Exterior Signage

Approximately 50% of the requests we receive are for exterior signage or new building signs.  Usually, this means your exterior company logo signs that allow clients, and potential customers to find you.  They are placed on the façade of the building or next to an entryway.  You might consider this as the big Pylon signs announcing “McDonald’s” or the smaller monument signs for an apartment complex.  Exterior signs, in this case, means any sign you intend to put outside.


Cabinet signs or Light Box Signs – are placed above an entryway or on the side of a building. Similar to a Pylon, they do not have a pole but are just the cabinet, internally lighted, piece of the sign.  Since they are reasonably priced, they are easily modified or changed by replacing the acrylic face.  In fact, the latest printing technology allows for full color photorealistic prints on the sign faces.


Carved Signs and Routed Signs are the same.  They are a substrate that has been drilled into to spell words.  They are then primed, painted and sealed for durability of up to 10 years.  I prefer these to be pole mounted or hung from a chain for a charming, curb side appeal

Sandblasted Sign
Routed Sign

Channel letters are basically a cabinet shaped like a letter.  Aluminum is shaped into a letter than formed around acrylic.  If they are being mounted to an uneven surface, a raceway (or mounting bar) is used.  Again, be careful for rust and poor construction on cheaper models. Channel letters are very common type of exterior building signs. Most retails businesses go for these kind of signs


Dimensional letters are usually requested for industrial, commercial, municipal, school or other official buildings. A much nicer illuminated outdoor version would be backlit for a halo effect. You’ll see this most often in malls and for restaurants.  I’d suggest it for a salon or other boutiques that are open late.


Monument Signs  are most likely as permanent as you get.  New foam monuments are currently the best and most economical type of monument sign. These are much easier to install but still require cement pouring and holes. That’s probably why you see these used for apartments, cemeteries and office complexes.